poem series of unrequited love, like always

the poem series I wrote but never published - accumulated over about a year and a half.

just a word of caution - these are extremely mediocre and after reading them again after so much time has passed, I cringe. I’m sorry if they make you cringe too. I also can’t rhyme to save my life.


you were the sun and I was the waves
you made me look beautiful while you were around
but as the night crawled near, my appearance turned black
my heart crashed farther in and farther out of your grasp
and you realized the cold moon was my true companion
when all I really wanted was the warmth of your light


I deserve someone far less than you
I deserve someone of equal integrity as myself
I don’t deserve you, she deserves you
but I can tell you this
I will want you far more than she ever will.


we want what we can’t have, right?
but I did have you.
I had you and I lost you.
that was my mistake, and I would like to correct it and go back to what should have been,
but you didn’t see it as a mistake.
you saw it as a lesson learned, never to be repeated.


pretty soon, I’ll be seeing you and this town in my rear view mirror
but if I’m being honest,
I’d rather just see the town
and have you singing along with the radio in the passenger seat.


it can’t be controlled, very rarely changed 
like atinder flaring into a blaze 
the automatic pull 
the shift in your stomach 
all resulting in that one gigantic idea, that books flourish upon 
but this feeling can’t be put into words, only actions 
sparks of light in his eyes that 
reveals the same intense sensation of longing 
as yours do.


you ignited a fire within me that I didn’t know could be there,
and I relished in the warmth,
but as you slowly slipped away, so did the flame,
and my chest became as cold as it was before you walked into my life.

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