Poem Cry

Adopted honest behavior

 but it's easier to lie about it.

Though we're now strangers, 

I still cry about it.

Will I ever see you again? 

I highly doubt it.

Wrote out the letters 

of your name, 

and I drew a line around it. 

Neatly folded in creases, 

in my brain

 in hopes that no one found it. 

A hidden treasure 

Forever together.

4 letters were special.

 Nothing last forever.

 I wish I knew better, 

 Nothing regretted.

I thank you, because of the lesson.

Knowing you, was a pleasure.

When I wrote you, it was then or never. 

No message in return,

was the message.

I thought I'd never see another day, 

the day you left me.

Time heals all, 

the clock was measured.

Torn open open every second. 

Released my emotions with the wind, 

heartbroken bleeding into the ocean, pieces were saved as a token to to build myself over again.

Introduced myself to peace to save my sanity. 

 I had a mind to attend,

  as it was 

under pressure.

The storm came, and alone I weathered

How I made it out the rain was quite pleasant. 

You can't hold onto what couldn't be held, 

So long, I tried.

Came to grips with myself, 

Hello to goodbye. 

Now a days I fathom unconditional blue skies. Maybe one day I could 

 roam high.

There are no tears fallen from 

my eyes, 

So,I had no choice but to make the 

poem cry.

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