Please Stay

Please stay

I've watched as the things that I loved fell away

And sometimes I struggle to make it through every day

To be honest, I’m not sure why or how I’m still here

Maybe someone out there still wants me near

I've drank myself into a sobbing mess

Just to deal with the pain of this

Cut so deep that my mind is scarred

After years of life being so hard

Years of the fears and years of the tears

Now show on my arm in which scars are now seared

I came so close to finally reaching the end

But then came the time for my life to begin

Life is worth more than sorrow and pain

It's time to be happy, with so much to gain

There will always be hurting, believe me I know

and times when it feels like it is time to go

But it will get better, as I know you are strong

If you say it's not worth it, I'll say you are wrong

When you're lonely and broken and nearing the end

Just know that I'm with you, I'm always your friend

I want you to see the snow fall down next year

And wake up one spring morning, without any fear

You deserve to see the sunrise every day

just so you know that it will be okay

and the next time that I get to see your face

I want to see a smile that will light up the place

Even though hard times are always a certain

That does not mean that it is time to pull the curtain

So the next time you want to take your own life

Remember that, I too, have cried through the night

But I am still here, I'm with you inside

And I'd miss you to death if you were to die.

Please stay.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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