domestic abuse survivor

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To the boy in the Star Wars t-shirt: You may remember my name but not my face; and that's okay. I was your first girl; When you were angry at the world and everything in it, Including me.
He saw a million wonders in her eyes, an abundance of stars on a cloudless night The promise of infinite possibilities As they slowly dimmed one by one, tears silently followed yearningly as he wept
  March seventeenth ten years old My mother always told me to go outside and play with the little boy who picked the apples off the tree
I wasn't who I was beforeAs I am nowI picked myself up off the floorSome still ask how~When he said he loved meI thought it was the truthBut when he sent me down with shameI knew it was a lie
She always gave you second chances;Always said she’d let it go,Let it slide this time,But I guess that’s whatYou do when you’re in control.But you really ought toLet your pupil know
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