Those words,

The ones that tear you apart piece by piece.

The little words.

They feel like a paper cut so small but hurt so much.

Why must she be judged on the width of her body?

yes I am skinny, you don't think I know that?

if you think being this “perfect” is soo fantastic

then why don't you trade places with me so you can finally see this isn't the size you wanna be 

you see those girls saying they're fat, you take my size and give me some of your weight cuz no matter what I eat gaining is not my fate.

people telling me to eat something like I starve myself for an image

walk a few steps in my shoes to see what a nightmare being thin is.

being referred to as "perfect" but still compared to sticks and poles, 

walk a mile in my shoes, let me know how far that goes.

Looking in the mirror thinking how do people say I’m so perfect

walk a few steps in my shoes and realize how I’m not perfect

I’m thin,

I’m tall,

I’m all bones, 

I have no meat,

But the perfect standards are what I meet?

Is skinny shaming ok, and fat-shaming not?

I don’t know whether to take it as a compliment or not

My friends laugh at other people’s jokes

Not realizing that it it doesn’t feel like just, a joke

It’s just a joke don’t take it seriously being skinny is a compliment they say

Then why do I feel like a piñata,

Everyone surrounding me waiting to take a swing at me every word like that bat that’s hitting me day after day over and over and over again.

Until I break, and fall to the ground, the way my knees fell on the hard tile of my bathroom floor.

You see those little words they add up and with a bunch of little swings comes a bunch of little hits, and eventually you just break.

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