The Peers & Their Repairs

The mirror's peers peering 

Into the glass mask erected to hide 

That he takes advantage of their selective hearing 

To conceal the burning hell inside 

Terrified that the mirror's fears blazing 

Will melt the mask in which he so confides 


But the emotional infernal

Leaves the mirror nowhere to turn to 

And cracks begin to show 

Melting crevices they grow

And so the mirror loses his mask 

And leaks pain out through the glass 


And as the peers see all his pain 

They treat the mirror with such disdain 

That he tries to put an end to his soul 

Fill his reflecting face with  bullet holes 

But he doesn't have the courage to make a blast 

So he tries to repair his melting glass 


Smearing glue all over his crevices 

Desperate to escape the looming rope necklace 

Instead uses tape bracelets to repair 

His mask to hide despair 

And once the glass is pieced back together 

And the blood is wiped away 

The mirror is scarred, broken, and decayed

All due to








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