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You say just friends And I've been thinkin that too So why am I sittin here crying I'm feelin so blue We tried to make it work out
Birds are flyingNo more cryingwith new lifeanother dawn with a beam of lightI am rising againI can run and laughholding flowers with shining eyesI can smileI am rising againLook up at the skya beautiful butterflyshining stars and no screams or cry
Before I knew to train my brain on thinking thoughts that serve me I made all actions from my friends to mean something personally   As a result, I felt betrayed when I was not invited
Feeling at home cause you’re around I wouldn’t be walkin this ground Catching the rails and the crowds and the sounds In my black boots, my fancy ones   You mesmerized me with your ever-dirty kitchen
My mother has said dont say you hate it until you have eaten it.
I try to hide the parts of me that's vulnerable, If it's not exposed, then I won't be exposed, Don't get me wrong, I do have a heart for you, And I just don't want you to think my heart is cold;
My heart flutters another day, and another I can breathe.
Lost in thought,maybe in too deep.It's a hole fallen intohard to get out of.
A balm for hurting hearts; A peaceful dwelling for those in peril; Joy to a singing heart;  Full of rest for those who are weary; A house of friends for the wanderer; Provider for the lacking;
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