Out of Tune Piano

Fri, 04/29/2016 - 12:49 -- Wolvena

A note sounds

Harsh and beautiful

Light falls around a room

Dust floats in the air

A piano stands by the window


A pale hand brushes white keys

A scarred hand caresses black keys

Together they begin to play

A melody from long ago

So out of tune, but so familiar


It rises out the window

It follows the light

A stranger stops and listens

Why is that so nostalgic?

They move towards the window


The window shudders open

The hands don’t stop

The stranger opens his mouth

But stops

Should he?


The player looks over

His hands never stop

A smile and a nod

The stranger knows it’s alright

With a smile his mouth opens


A sweet baritone

It follows the out of tune piano

Two hands dance on the keys

Helping the voice

It means nothing to some

To them it means the world



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