Our Ritual: Love

As I'm lying in bed

He'll touch me with gentle fingers,

Carefully knitting together the tattered ends of my heart,

The places where my soul has been frayed.

There will be nights when I think the sun may never rise

But he'll hold me until the dust clears from my eyes

And we will see a brilliant sunrise.

Through his eyes I'll see my future,

Happiness in the form of skin and bones and him, 

he will define me.

He gives love to me.


As you're lying in bed

She'll touch the bumpy column of your spine,

Remind you of what it feels like to be held as so fragile,

Kiss you until you feel unbreakable.

There will be nights when the bed feels as cold as the earth,

But she'll touch you once and you'll melt into her warmth and home

And it will be a restful sleep.

Through her voice you'll hear the truth of who you are,

Whispered into soft skin, 

she will understand you.

She gives love to you.


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