Deep within the earth’s core

A pool of magma dreams to soar

Beyond the darkness

Because although this pool is very bright ----

It is only their own light ---

And they want more

They crave more

Even though they have no idea what is in store

But they don’t care

They want to see the sun

And brighten the stars

Maybe even they could reach mars


And now the pool swings and sways in every which way

The pressure builds

But the rumbling stills


A wiser daring one led the way

And they explode out of the darkness

Into a flaming mist of lava

But then they were scared --

And they fell to the ground

Now with very little sound

There was no longer rumbling

But rather a slow flow

And he did not know, what was to come

They continued to roll

And as they strolled over the caskets of their entrapped past generations

Who had, had the same sensations --

Those same revelations

They slowed

A patch of green laid just beyond their grasp

And the wise daring one had another task

He crossed the line

And the rest followed

Even the scared ones swallowed their fear

And crossed the line

Crossed the line


Then on the other side of the earth a flame grew

The firefighters could not tame the shrew

That was burning violently

Even the uneducated farmer could see

The price he would have to pay

He would lose his crop

A waste of work

Mother Nature was being a jerk,

The firefighters retreated

The farmer tried a hose

But the smoke flew right up his nose

As the colorful, vivid flame

Burned the fruit of the exact same name             and more

Everything the farmer had was gone But 3 things


His love

His life

And his passion


His love                                His life                   and his passion


His clothes were burned

He didn’t care about fashion

His house was gone

But he had his wife

His crop was lost

But he would start again

He could build a den

Start with some hens

And then…


The young lava crossed the line

To green

What a scene

Two colors clashed

With a blue backdrop

And they didn’t stop

The lava rolled on

The grass conceded and hid beneath the dirt

Using it as a flame resistant shirt

And the lava flame rolled on

But the fun was already gone

The suns light was different then their own

In fact it was to bright    and…                     and what had the daring one shown them

Whatever it was it was the color blue

And the fuming lava was slightly soothed

The wise daring one peered over once again

And turned and said

“They are there”

They are there?


The ones who came before us

The ones we must join

The ones who like us wanted more

Wanted to soar

But now as they did we must realize

This is our demise

The scared ones cried


Because inside that volcano is where we belong

Anywhere else in this world we only do more wrong

But in this ocean we will light the night

It will not hurt

It will calm you down

We are a noun

A person, place, or thing

But we do not have wings

We cannot sour

But of course we always must ask for more

And we did

And although we saw the brightness

And although we had light

In our minds there will always be a fight

To see more

And we did

We saw all that we need to see

And after the wise daring one with a mind beyond his years jumped in

The rest followed suit and fell within the depths of the sea

And after a night they would be black

They would be rock

But they would never forget their original color, their first identity

But although their brightness ended that night

They made sure to make it beautifully bright

They gave the sea light

With all of their might

It was quite a site



Then back to the farmer beyond the sea and back on land

He had rebuilt the den

Now with three hens

He worked all day

That was his passion

He rested all night with his wife

That was his love

But most of all he lived his life

He had moved on from the strife

That was the violent flame

Which he could not tame with a hose

But he would tame it with his mind

And he went on…



One year later more violent flames came

Their anger was not lame

It could not be tamed

More magma rumbled

Jack and Jill stumbled

Robert Kekaula mumbled

And in another week it would all be the same

The cycle went on

And as always Mother Nature won


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