Open My Heart

-Open My Heart-

Give me life
Wake me up in the morning,
Kiss me at the crack of dawn and tell me that you love me.
Show me that your expectations can exceed my expectancy.

Give me trust.
Anoint my heart with your loyalty.
Allow your words to rang true as if honesty is the only thing to keep me breathing,

Place your hand out to hold mine.
Ignore time as it tries to withhold this special moment.

Lay down with me.
Don't try to tease, just hold me.
Kiss me softly.
Rub my back and wash my feet as if I'm holy.

Exercise my brain and dissipate your thoughts of exercising my body.
Let your mind speak volumes and your tongue stay still.
Show me that the morning after doesn't have to be physical.
Introduce me to romance by holding my heart as gently as you hold my hand.

I want you to expose yourself to me,
Freely hand me every inch of your vulnerability,
Although I come in peace,
I need you to convince me that you won't allow my imprisoned heart to become a victim of brutality.
Because I've been hurt too many times to have you play games with me.

Open my heart,
Search all over for the rusted key that no one has attempted to use.
& if you don't find it, that means you didn't look hard enough which directly aligns with the fact that you apparently can't handle me bcus there is a key in existence.
It's simply up to you to decide if it worth the time and effort to look for it.
But if you do find it, don't try to force it inside of the lock because although the key is rusted, it's also easy to bend which will cause the key to become of no use to you.

You must take your time,
Slowly open my mind to the thought of you being mine.
Give me more truth than you give me lies,
Focus on me and break old ties,
Lose yourself in my eyes so that they can lead you to my soul and give you permission to touch it.

Love me without limits.
Be my saving grace,
Give me hope for tomorrow by showing me trust today.
Tase me with your love,
Allow my heart to go into a thumping convulsion.
Redeem me from my pain and you'll receive a promotion.

Your position in my life can rise based on what you do for me.
Captivate my needs with your wants.
Mush my love together with yours,
Join us as one.

Disturb my sleep just to tell me I'm beautiful,
Interrupt my thoughts to remind me of how important I am to you.

Write me a love letter,
Take me back to the golden days when loving was pure.

Confess your love for me on the mountaintop and tell me that I'm all you need.
Be the person that you need to be and ask me to be the woman you can marry.
Give me romance, pure romance.
Take my hand and ask me to dance,
Wrap your arms around me with good intentions,
Open my heart to another dimension of love.

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