Only You Can Save Yourself

Tue, 01/10/2017 - 13:55 -- ego1999


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They say a year can change a person,

Let’s try to envision,

A pretty princess in her bed,

Crying over decisions,

Wishin’ a prince would save her in time,

From the fiery dragon,

That’s also known as her mind,

For a lady so pretty,

She’s full of self-pity,

But that’s her life.


Insecurity rules her brain,

Her flaws hold her black with chains,

There’s no happiness within herself,

So she tries to find it with someone else.


Then one day,

A prince steps through her doorway,

Handsome and strong,

Charismatic and cliché,

He was great at making her laugh,

For even it made him smile,

And all the while,

She was grateful,

That he had traveled all of these miles,

He made her feel like she was walking on air,

Finally the lord had answered her prayers,

All his words were gold,

Every kiss was well worth it,

Their relationship was the definition of picture-perfect,

But inside holds the truth,

The prince was more than a staggering youth,

The situation was extremely dire,

Because the handsome prince,

Was just a liar.


He wanted more,

When she wasn’t ready to deliver,

All he did was take and take,

And she was the empty-handed giver,

Their flowery romance was long gone wilted,

All for a man whose armor was gilded,

She felt so strongly for him,

She wanted him to stay,

But it was a dragon,

He did not slay,

He promised to take her from the tower,

If she gave him one last thing,

And that last thing was her flower…

So she walked away,

And he did not say,

A single word.


He abandoned her in the tower,

Because she refused his offer,

But now that he left,

She wished he had stopped her,

She only refused,

Because he mind began to worsen,

Being with a handsome prince,

Did not make her a better person,

She thought by doing the right thing,

It would reverse the damage,

But it only managed,

To work at her disadvantage,

So she cried for months,

Could fill tears in a tub,

All because she thought she was in love.


After months of stressin’,

And reaching a depression,

Her sadness had reached its peak,

One could only take the pain,

For so long in time,

Before they must choose to fall or fly,

And although she still loved him,

She truly felt inside,

That she needed to soar through the skies!


Since no one was coming to her rescue,

She automatically knew,

She had to save herself,

She ripped off her dress,

Puffed out her chest,

And slayed the dragon’s crest,

After she freed herself,

She restored her health,

And the sky shined beautifully clear,

She walked out the tower,

Full of self power,

Welcoming a new year.


From that day forward,

She changed from a lonely girl,

To a strong woman,

Whose gonna change the world,

It’s hard to believe,

That girl was me,

And I wish that all women could finally see,

That they don’t need a man to determine their self-worth,

That insecurity in women is just a curse,

We are all beautiful and unique,

We are all strong beyond belief,

We can be successful,

We can do it ourselves,

Because in the end,

Only you can save yourself.



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