Omnipresent Thoughts


I wonder more and more how the world works
Some simple things like how those girls twirk
And those big question of why

Like why did you never get to say bye?
I wonder am i making you proud
Are you laughing up in those clouds
Do you ponder about why and how
Are you living like a king now

Laying here watching time pass
Wondering did i do everything for that class
Not once do i stop thinking
Thinking of everything

Questions bouncing
Like how i can feel like renouncing?
When my life is good compared to most
I walk past those who have only a post
It can be so much worse
And we rarely think of those who have a curse

I say to myself everyday i will make my family proud
But am i doing enough to say it loud
Everyone counts on me
Yet not every body can see
That that burden is hard to carry
Because the thought of failure is scary

Like this poem my thoughts run rapid
Veering through concepts so vivid
Because the pictures of the past make me wonder
Wonder if the world questions as i ponder


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