`Oh Lord

                 Oh lord, let these people thats doing wrong open their eyes to the bloody storm

                 Oh lord, make them realize whats really going on

                  Oh lord,I don't care what you do

                   Lord, just go ahead and bring the disaster

                    Oh lord, I need you to make change happen

                   I can't do it alone nor the people who is trying to make the world what it suppose to be

                   Oh lord, why try if nobody don't believe

                   Dead bodies everywhere, even on the streets

                   Oh lord, don't let this be 

                  Put that gun down and those drugs

                  Oh lord, it's not the devil fault its just us

                  Oh lord, quickly come back

                  You help me now i want you to try help us, to be better again

                   Oh lord, bless America and the whole world

                Oh lord, crime is making us sink faster 

               Oh lord, my sweet lord, i need your answer

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Our world
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