OCD- My Deity, My Captor, My Murderer

Peace I find in thee. Your constant is my rock,

Your selfless thoughts: I stand in awe.

Within you I am free. Not confined in prison block;

But rather safe within your law.


Gates long ago were shut, to keep me sound within.

All terrors are prevented when to you I do abide.

But what treasures are kept separate, the world is not all sin.

Your walls are the terror I wish they would subside.


Your law is but a torture, your presence is a foe,

You keep me running circles, tears from me do flow

Down selfish walls I cannot climb, heaven bound I must go.

To gain wings on which to soar out of a place so dark and low.

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Beautiful job my love <3

Terrifying...just like its subject. But well written as always.

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