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Out of the dark, into the sun; skin shimmering eyes watering, what have I done?
Children of the lion. Biding to be free. The motherland of the people. Cries with the trees.  
A bird who loves his cage and his view of the tree Is still a bird in captivity The loveliest of cells still has the power to derange   I wanted so desperately to be free The tempting breezes to leave me be
Dearest Captivity,   What is about you that is so enrapturing? Is it the sparks? The flames? The way you blaze?   Are you a reminder? Or perhaps...
You Are the hope around my neck. The pendant on my chest rests on the Padlock to my blood that Stained all over the dress you stressed to see me-
Peace I find in thee. Your constant is my rock, Your selfless thoughts: I stand in awe. Within you I am free. Not confined in prison block; But rather safe within your law.  
Spoken words At times they are futile Feeble Unable to express our thoughts Our hurts Our confusion Our deepest secrets.   And so there they lie, trapped inside No way of escape
Blackens my soul and decays my image this thought I carry weighs my mind down repeatedly throughout my days. Nothing that has been forced upon me to carry upon my body, yet something I myself drilled inside me and struggle with by choice.
Caged and helpless Desperate and Alone Confused and senseless Wishing to go home In a dark room All filled with the wild Everything filled with gloom Scared like a child
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