A Not So Sad Love.


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I write of a sad love,

but really it's not so.

There are many laughs

and breath taking smiles.

My heart sings of a love unknown.

Where it skips a beat when her dark brown eyes

hold mine with tender care.

A love where my chest tightens when her lips

her lips, my God,

her lips pull in to a gut wrenching smirk.

The moment her hand found the small of my back 

was the moment I realized how long it's been since I'd 

been touched,

been touched

been touched so quietly intimate.

Her eyes told stories her mouth could never explain.

When I finally felt her lips meet mine

in the travel book section,

all I could think was how cold

how cold

how cold her tongue was from her drink.

And the sensation of being kissed so swiftly and sweetly 

was felt in my hands

my stomach

my mouth

my heart. 

Her laugh sent a childish joy rippling through me.

The tender gaze doing just as much as if 

her hands had skimmed my flesh.

I write of a happy love.

Where small jokes send us into laughing fits.

A love where the simplest "I love you" is all it takes

to fall 




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