No Pain, No Gain

No Pain, No Gain

My parents used to rush to me when I scraped my knee

When I said I had an “ouchy”

They used to worry about me

So much so that they could not sleep


But letting them grow means you got to let them go

So they slowly started leaving me more alone

Until one day I had to deal with my pain

All on my own


Now I was the one who could not sleep

As I wondered why he did not love me

Was it my big thighs?

My boring eyes?

Or maybe it was the way I pushed him away

When we got too close

And I got afraid


After years of long nights

And countless ugly cries

I no longer wanted to be alone

Or do this journey on my own


I realized what we all see sooner or later:

We’re not meant to live isolated

Or hold our fears inside

Because life is waiting for us outside


And there will be another one that won’t love you

That’s just a guarantee

And maybe another

But I love me

And that’s the beauty of it

Any other love that comes, is secondary

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