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I dedicate these words of love to you: My love is a very sweet love, But your love is sweeter than mine. You brighten my way like a lantern in the dark. What would I do without your guidance?
5 years ago, when I first told people that I was a singer-songwriter, the first phrase they could think of to say was: Oh, so you write poetry.  
  I am a songwriter. I am a songwriter because music is the one idea that can evoke multiple emotions out of a single person,
Why try and hide myself? Shed a light on me and all my wonderous flaws, You can reject it or accept it, But all will know, I need no filter for I am at ease with who I am   Yes I wear makeup,
I possess the ability to pick up a pen and pad, Then progress to prophisize any feelings I've had, In the form of a melody, exciting or sad However, no one will listen. Isn't that bad?  
You always seem to know. You're here to stay, only one not to come and go.   What would you say, If I told you that my heart skipped a beat,  everytime you looked at me?  
Is there anything I can say? Is there anything I can do, for you?   'Cause I'd do anything for you...   Is there anything I can sing? Are there any promises I can make?  
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