New Chapter

If there is something I hate,

It will be change

News are told

Knew it would come but not so soon

Go pale, wonder where the past years gone

Ones where no care was given 

Feeling like conquering the world together 

Partners in crime until end of time 


Staring into the scared and excited eyes

Know the past is history 

It will all be different 

A feeling inside me,

like the bond we share is broken

Memories will remain memories 

New ones to be created on her own 


Taking everything in 

Consumed with confusion,

Don't know it it's happiness or sorrow 

There will be a new journey,

Not sure if I'm included

One thing is for sure,

I'll cherish the time until then 


Few months she'll be with a bundle of joy 

Who will then be the new apple of her eye


Off to the side only to be known as auntie 

None spoken with anger, only happy sadness

A new chapter is being written,

While the last one still wishes to remain as published 

This poem is about: 
My family


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