Nature 2.0

“Tired of hurricanes or tornadoes carrying away your home?

Tired of trees not pulling their weight, and only producing oxygen?

Tired of bee’s stinging you, spiders biting you, or the birds waking you up in the morning?

Well watch all your worries wilt away,

Thanks to Nature 2.0!

The complete technological overhaul for the part of our world that’s yet to catch up to humanities advancements

with nature 2.0  man will finally put a collar around mother nature’s neck!”

At least that’s what we thought.

I told everyone it would bring America into the future,

that it would make life so much easier,

Now, now, it-it was great at first, 

we put stabilizers on the tectonic plates,

we used magnetic fields to control storms, 

we replaced the bees with robot pollinators without stingers,

We attached microchips in tree seeds so the more they grew the stronger the wifi signal they gave off,

we muted the birds,

we committed spider genocide,

life was great, No more droughts, no more earthquakes or hurricanes

I mean we were saving lives, 

but soon you couldn’t walk outside without getting bit by at least ten mosquitos

what with the spider’s being gone,

and the chips we put on the trees actually electrocuted their roots,

so most of the trees were gone,

animals lost their homes

squirrels, raccoons, and other animals all repopulated inside towns

they were everywhere, and rabies spread like the plague

then, then the magnetic fields we had created malfunctioned it caused four hundred and fifty three tornadoes and hurricanes to form over America alone.

dead bodies littered the streets, over 3/4ths of Americans had no place to stay,

people died of starvation because the storms wiped out all the crops.

Then everyone turned on me!

I just wanted to help America the beautiful, I didn’t mean for this to happen.

but when I walked out of my house on the night of  April 3rd, a mob was waiting for me in my manicured lawn

I stood still in shock for a second,

but then I bolted for the trees

running like a zebra from a lion!

but they continued to give chase,

So I ran and I ran, my arms and legs pumping like pistons, my feet pushing the earth back and me forwards, my body slashing through the wind, sweat streamed from my body like someone left a faucet on, I looked back and I could still see the light of their torches getting closer!

I couldn’t do it anymore, there was a fire in my lungs, and knifes in my legs

I collapsed.

in seconds they were on me,

they wrenched me to my feet,

 and they dragged me to Saints Cliff!

when we got there, they brought me to the edge,

Tears streamed down my face, I just wanted to help you! I screamed

but they didn’t listen!

 they pulled me back, then swung me off the cliff, like a medieval catapult

and I let out a scream louder then wall streets opening bell, as the wind whipped through my hair and I hurtled towards the ground, my eyes were wider then my five car garage, my suit flapping, and hitting against my body, and tears flew out the corner of my eyes as I prepared to meet the earth below.

I never hit the ground though

When I woke up I was lying in a tree, it must have been one that never got the chip, my hands felt slippery when I looked down I had a thick and broken branch sticking out my chest, with blood soaking through my now stained button up

my eyes slowly began to shut and the moon light began to fade like a cloud slowly covering it.

Then it all went dark.


Twitter: @ThatSoundofRain

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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