Natural Form


United States
37° 39' 47.8152" N, 77° 31' 39.1656" W

Our society nowadays

Is populated with masks

That we wear from

Day to day.

We are too comfortable

With wearing mascara and

Putting the perfect filter

On our selfies,

That we do not know how

To embrace our natural beauty.

This all sounds very familiar to you,

Or else you’re lying.

We'e all done it,

But is this a liable excuse for continuing

To plaster our faces with cover-up

And call it 'beautiful'?


I don't know about you,

But I feel like I am my best

When I'm in my pajama pants

With a cup of tea

And a bad hair-do.

With no cosmetics covering my

Everlasting freckles,

And my eyelashes mascara-free.

My eyes buried in a poetry book,

And my legs covered by my bedsheets.

Because that's when who I truly am

Is revealed.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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