The Name of Nature


(Read in triplets, so "Tri-pl-et, Tri-pl-et; Ti-be-li; In-to-the light-comes-the ...")

~ ~ ~

Chaos, disorder, and darkness, beyond

lies a great expanse of wilder and here

there is naught a trace of clearness or form

yet Nature bends--o so slowly--its pawns.


Tibeli, Tibeli, shaper of things,

Tibeli, Tibeli, o how she sings!


Into the light comes the pawn known as Life, its

raw formless form forming under her grip, con-

forming to Nature is Life's one true aim, the

White Fox begins to take shape and arrange.


Tibeli, Tibeli, shaper of things,

Tibeli, Tibeli, how her voice rings!


Dark and malicious are Shaper's first songs, her

voice shaping mean things like scales and prongs, yet

order hath emerged with Shaper's great will, the

power of Nature begins to fulfill, sing:


Tibeli, Tibeli, shaper of things,

Tibeli, Tibeli, how her coat gleams!


Softness and Kindness emerge from her soul so at

last have the forces of nature come full and to-

night all shall love and continue to thrive in the

great race of life which has maintained the drive to sur-

vive at the cost of survival and more it is

Nature in her purest most solid form, o sing:


Tibeli, Tibeli, watch her shape things from the

formless to fearful to lovely to--


Tibeli, Tibeli, sings on and on...



A lover of nature and of natural phenomenon, I dedicate this poem to the ability of nature to

shape forms. From "Chaos, disorder, and darkness" to primitive life to "lovely forms"

(humans? Perhaps!) I give nature a name and a voice, and with these organic tools, it can

shape the entirety of forms.

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