My Unforgettable Love

I really tried not to love you

I tried to find other joys in life instead

but you stuck around,

and not once did you leave my head


Every minute that I spend with you is a minute that I treasure

Looking back at all these pictures we took together

Always fills me with a joyful kind of pleasure

It's just something that I'll keep forever


Whenever I'm with you I feel so happy

And truthfully I don't know why

But whenever you smile at me

I feel like I could fly


You are beauty in its purest form

As whenever I talk to you

My belly's hit with a butterfly swarm

and it's really something I should get used to

As you always captivate me with your endless charm


You are brighter than all the planets and stars

Jupiter, Venus, and Mars

and only to be with you,

I'm willing to travel out to space and just as very far


You are the best there is

And I wouldn't be surprised if another wanted you as his

and so I too want you as mine

Because your love is just so divine


You are beautiful and deserved to be loved by someone great

If you want someone who’d love you more than themselves

And put you first through everything,

don't forget to call my name

Because I am so in love with you

And everyday I'll love you just as same


You make me the happiest guy there is

And fill me an endless kind of bliss

but if I cannot have you

I would understand

And I'll try not to love you

And find other joys in life instead

but you will always stuck around,

As the only happy thoughts and memories in my head


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