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What could this all be about? You creep into almost all of my dreams.  I just thought that I forgot about you again, or so it seems.  I honestly haven't seen you in years.  However, forgetting you never comes near.
Sitting alone in a dark room Wondering if everything that happened was true As the silence grows stronger and my heart beats faster I'm now laying down, lost and confused
I think of how you prefered the night. You liked it because the streets were sound and hardly anyone was around. It could be just us no distraction from the midday attractions.
Time is ticking, words are slipping, here comes day and here comes night but not every breath is there to hold I shut my eyes once but nothing tends to go away
There are places that can never be trasversed There are ideas that can never be spoken There are emotions that can never be expressed   directly.   But every moment is a passing, 
I really tried not to love you I tried to find other joys in life instead but you stuck around, and not once did you leave my head  
Strange faces surround me. Filled with sorrow, concern, and fear. Did I know them? Who could they be? People linger I can’t help but leer.   I awoke in a different place.
haunting images scattered on the floor. the cold, dirty floor. memories burning
Why did you hurt me?
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