My thoughts of a fragmented Childhood Part 3



Look at those girls in the magazine!

My momma said I ain't meant to look like them

-cause I'm not them.

She said, why can't you look like you?

I said, 

I can't look like me!

Cause I'm ugly, and my eyes are too close together.

My forehead too wide.

My chin too heart-shaped.

My ass too wide and my hips too pronounce.

And I don't know why my teeth are so funny.

I'll close my mouth and it'll still be open.

My breast sag down, I mean way down low.

They don't look good naked.

Not like the lady to my left or to my right.

I've had a thought....

And to think I'm only twelve!

My stretch marks are too embarrassing, no one else has them.

My pimples are here! And their here to stay.

They won't go away.

I ain't like them other girls.

I ain't too special.

No Prince Charming is hurrying off to save me.

I'm too ugly.

I'm too fat.

They won't hear me calling.

They won't see me crying.

They won't come to be the hero at the end of my fairy tale.

And I'll tell you why.

Because my voice is a little too heavy than it should be.

My eye brows' not arch the way it ought ta' be.

I'm mortifying ghastly , utterly despicable.

What a sight I am NOT to be hold.

I need some chap stick on these lips,

Because they get too dry, too damn quick.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who's the most beautiful and perfect of them all?

No not you, my dear.

I'm the cricket  of the insect world.

I'm not beautiful or colorful.

I am not eye-dazziling nor exotic.

You can find me anywhere because I am common.

I can't ever be a one in a million girl.

Those love songs don't speak to me.

They tell a tale far too out of reach.

I can hear them as I mumble over my words.

I speak far too quitely, so no one can hear me.

And if they can't hear me, than they cannot see me.




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