My Story

Well, there was this girl, She lives her life as a lie, She continues to explore the world of sin,But instead she feels dead inside As she took the blade And her body swayedShe’s thinking'“WorthlessPatheticUselessPsychoticI was born at the wrong timeAnd in the wrong place As she sat in the bathroom And she popped some pillsShe said ‘ I’m sorry mom and dad, I'm breaking the rules.” She messaged a boy who she is, not supposed tooHe told her, Begs her not to,But when she tells the boy its too late,He went to the principle, and looked at him with a sour face The principle rushes to the girlAs she whirled around and takes one last look at the world,She stops and faces him, He throws her a grim lookShe breaks down crying Saying she’s sorryExplaining everythingHe was so worried As she was rushed to the hospitalShe starts to feel a little uneasy,And tired,She thought “ At least now mom knows I’m not a liar”The doctor asks what was happeningAnd that’s when she began explaining “I’m sixteen and I always feel so nervous,Tell me why is it that everyone is so perfect,While I feel so worthless,And everyone looks so happy,But recently for me,My mood has been so crappyI’ve been attempting to get better at lifeBut my arms are still scared of using my own knifeAnd doctorPlease tell my family that I'm sorryI’m regretful for not being a good daughter, sister, cousin, friend, and family member, I’m sorry I’m a failure at life”She stops explaining as tears roll down her face, She shows her scared and cut wrist to the doctors worried face It was January 12th that dayJanuary 12th of 2017This girl is 17 today That girl is me,I’m being seen,Now, let's see here,I no longer have that fear,I still have my scars But at least I can still view the stars I’ve been used by guys, I’ve been hurt by girlsI’ve fought with my mom And been cursed by the worldI'm calm now,Speak and be heardTalking to my family about issues Winning the battle that still continues. I only want to share my story To assist those who worryWorry about not making itWorry about giving in, I want to tell them, “ You're not alone,You don’t have to fight this on your own,We will get through it together,I promise you that,Things will only get better. I’m raising suicide awarenessTo help those who really need itTell them, “ I lived through this,You can get through it tooSo put that blade downStand your groundYou're so much smarter than you thinkSo set down that drinkCome out of the shade,Set down that blade,Get a hugPlace down the drugsBe a sweetieNot a meanieGet up out of bed, And get help insteadPlace the cigarette downRelax and take a look aroundYou're not aloneSo make yourself known.”

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