My protector


United States
45° 4' 35.9256" N, 93° 12' 5.4648" W

Diamond dust dances from the frozen frontier.
It clings to my eyelashes, but I see him rush to linger.
Ahead he guards me; protects me.
Beyond the beyond, the mask of danger veils.
I declare, "I need not sympathy. I tread alone."
This is an equivocation upon my soul.

Protect my brave heart
From my cowardice mind.

He says to me there's nothing to fear.
I wish I could swallow such sweet lies.
I strive to be as brave as he.
As we battle the razor rimmed breeze.
An avalanche of woe swarms my mind.
I stifle a stroke, I cry while he comes.
He takes my hand knowing I will survive.

Protect my brave heart
From my cowardice mind

Shield my soul, my love, my mind
From the hurt that binds me to the ground.
I trust him blindly and his strength
To lead me on a path of dignity
We walk fragile roads.
But I'll find it with my friend any day.

Protect my brave heart
From my cowardice mind.


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