My Own Hell


A monument to all your sins,

Perched upon the zenith of all your darkest fears,

Scorned with the duties by an omnipotent sibling.

Fiercely possessive and consumed by a black rage

A toll waits at the river Styx

Where the skeleton crew adivse

A wall looms

Its gates guarded; a thirst for life and gore.

Cowards and Heroes,

Judged as one; wander the shadows for eons,

Awaiting their fated trial.

Those of unusual virtue,

Rewarded with bliss and joy

For those who are punished,


Descending into nothingness,

A black void where unfathomable fear dwell;

The epitome of nightmares, of suffering and dread, 

Furies that none shall welcome with open arms,

But fear as an ominous warning.

This place will become your home; this place will become your tomb.

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