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Laughter and giggles floated through the air Atmosphere shimmering as the resident golden boy grinned Shrieking laughter following the class clown's pranks   Swooning girls shifted their attention
As we all can remember, Hades was never one to give a favor, but Persephone was different, the whole world he would have gave her. The night he saw her dancing at the bar, around her legs her pink dress was twirling,
oh  i am too pretty too pretty indeed as my golden hair shines in the sun my eyes a mesmerizing blue my skin as fair as a flower athena calls it egotism but i call it self-love
In the world of today Apollo would say how he feels about those who stray Artemis Wouldnt have a bow but she would know about the lowes of today Athena whos sharp
Bright-Star Apollo rocking out on stage Pulling moth-boy Icarus into his light.   Young eyes drip wax. Falling for his muse, there is no use.  
What if the myth's had never died? Instead their blood creeped into ours? You can see the blood of fae in the pirouette of a ballet dancer, In the way the rebeling teenagers create turmoil wherever they roam.
The siren of today doesn't lure men to death, But instead uses it for good, until her last, dying breath. Her ocean is polluted, her lungs filled with muck, She has to admit that she is now stuck.  
Orpheus was kinda vain, He called himself a nice guy, Eurydice believed him, And thought she'd give him a try.   But Orpheus was a basket case, Or as we call it - the artistic type,
The flowers always died in his presence. He had only ever seen the bright and brilliant colors of meadows from a distance.  Never had he been able to feel the soft petals or waft the sweet scent of spring.  
A chime rings An ad is placed Full of things Unknown to our race   "Become rich with one trick"
A chime rings An ad is placed Full of things Unknown to our race   "Become rich with one trick"
Orpheus strums the lyre, taming each sweet thread A sound dripping honey, melody dancing through head He gives even stones a will And golden sun, facing him, stands still
A sailor by the name of Jones  For he was long at sea  Until he met a woman  That told him of all he could be.   She told him he could have her heart  If only just one thing,
  There comes a time in a mother's life When her son or daughter must leave her
I call on you, oh faithful Nine Of isle of myth of long ago. Would you please bless these words of mine So I can burst from head to tow With rhymes? I think that they should be Radiating then with glee!
  For Apollo was undercover and no one knew his
A monument to all your sins, Perched upon the zenith of all your darkest fears, Scorned with the duties by an omnipotent sibling. Fiercely possessive and consumed by a black rage A toll waits at the river Styx
You are the fruit, who's taste I desire That before I may bite, cruel winds carry higher Those vast, quenching waters just under my lip That the tide tears away as I try to sip I long to just jump
I am ugly.   And I know that I am.   But I have a want,   a need,   a desire     a desperation for love and beauty. I hide behind the jagged rocks
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