my lover, my sea

with arms outstretched i
fall down into
rising water

turbulent and raging
is my sea
she swallows me whole

and i am being engulfed
into azure

i cannot tell the sky from the ocean
whether the bubbles are from my lips
or from my ears

i am flying in a liquid sky
floating along the waves
an amoeba

a single being lost within millions
drowning into nothing
but blue-green hues

i open my mouth wider
burns down my throat
a liquid inferno

flowing down into my lungs
swelling my chest
bursting my cells

drowning or flying
sinking or dying
whatever it is called

i float
deeper and deeper
the hues growing darker in shades

my eyes burn
to match my scorching lungs
as smoke made of bubbles passes through blue-kissed lips


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