My love

Dear love ,

In every way you are everything I need

You allow me to lose myself in you and take lead

The way that my body moves in perfect sync with you

I know that over anything else , your the one i'll always choose


When I feel down , you make me happy

When I feel broken , you piece me back together

There's absolutely no flaw in you , you are perfect

I know that you are what I want to pursue forever


Every second of everyday you are on my mind

Every second of everyday I give you my time

Although in this world it is hard to make it with you

There's no way that I could ever leave you behind


You taught me how to keep going and never give up

In a bunch of situations you taught me to be tough

Regardless of the barriers we faced that were really rough

Above everything you are the one that I truly love ..


I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a purpose .

To : My first love , dance

From : Yours truly

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