To my long-lost friend

Dear best friend, 

I already love you.

I'm in love with the way you smile when you look into the sky.

I adore the little wrinkles your nose makes when you laugh.

I love the melody of your voice.

I am fascinated by the light in my eyes. 

You are everything to me.


I haven't seen you in person yet. 

I trust that you exist and that we will embrace one day.

People around me have always ranked me as their second-best. 

I'm not used to being acknowledged or seen.


People have judged me by the color of my skin,

the letters on my transcript, 

the price tag on my clothes,

and the car my parents drive.

Maybe that's why

I have never been first place in anyone's heart.

Except for yours.

And you'll be first place in mine. 

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My community
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