My Friends


I haven't forgotten.
Alive in my dreams you are,
There, just waiting for me.
My Friends hands welcoming me,
But unable to grasp.
Memories of you locked away
With the loss of you.
I remember the embrace
Of my brothers saying goodbye
To no longer again I'll see.
I haven't forgotten the hard times,
We endured together, saving one another.
Or the good times, healing each other,
From the disarray and conflict,
That tortured our souls, numbed our minds.
I haven't forgotten the last thing you said,
Or the advice you had given.
I remember more memorials of you,
Than I have of weddings.
I'll never forget the long nights,
And the early mornings we shared.
I'll always remember your faces,
And the words you speak in my dreams,
I welcome the day I fall,
Once again I'll meet, My Friends.
Until then, I live this life for you.

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