This Is My Farewell.

Some nights I sit in my room, thinking about every possible thing, 

Doomed for nothing but sadness.

When I'm driving,

I think about my life, my regrets, what I forget, 

But most importantly I think about you.

The reason I'm so blue, the lies,

The promises, the abandonment.

I live a pretty bare life hiding in the shadows.

Trying to bind all my past memories together.

My heart is shattered, yet you don't care.

You were never there,

but you're clever enough to twist it back on me,

To guilt me to think I was the one who messed up.

I built my life up,

Just to watch you tear it down.  

I kept daring my heart,

Just for it to be broken,

You made me think you cared. 

With you in my life, I will be nothing.



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