My Daughter Dearest

My Daughter Dearest,


I hope your life has been different than mine

Without worry, misfortune, or grief

I hope love, joy, and you are entwined

Like stem and branch are to a leaf


I want you to feel proud to be of my blood

And hold your head high in this world

I want you to blossom like a spring rose bud

Your imagination a limitless swirl


You deserve to feel both boundless and free

To be whoever you want in this life

Your opportunities being as vast as the sea

With no glass ceilings to bring you strife


You may feel alone or insecure at times

For living is a battle each day

But you’ll endure life and like a fine wine

You’ll grow stronger and sweeter with age


I love you though I don’t even know you

And I have no guarantee you’ll exist

But deep within me lies an intuitive truth

Which allows this deep love to persist


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My family
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