This is my choice

Dear people who think my body is theirs,

My body is a temple

A temple so beautiful and strong

but you choose to break in without my consent

and leave my temple broken and bruised.

I was so young and so trusting 

But this is my body

and shouldn't I have the choice as to what happens to it? 

You took the choice from me to begin with 

and now the choice is being taken again. 

Men and women use religion and politics to make the choice 

for my body, a body that I have cherished since my first breathe.

Time after time my body was taken from me, used and abused.

but this is the only thing that belongs fully to me.

Everything has been taken from me, but this is not your body

I am not an animal that you can force milk or meat from. 

I was taken by force and you blame me. 

calling me names and making me feel like the predator 

when i was the victimn. 

but it makes sense because

we live in a socitey where this makes people more angry

than the people living on the streets

the people without food, water or shelter!

How can you tell me what to do with my body?  

i was taught this is my temple,

a temple so beautiful and strong

it has withstood huricanes and earthquakes

and it will not let another person decide its fate again.



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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