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The cave that protected me from the outside storm seems to be falling apart from withinLarge stones drop from the roof and the crash bounces off the wallsThe whistling and ringing in my ear are deafening The collapse forces me out And the storm co
I see you on a sunny day On a California beach On the roasting sidewalks As the sun peaks behind the clouds I see your arctic smile And your eyes follow your grin Spinning around in excitement
The sun sheds a tear for the moon,       and the moon for the sun. For only a glimpse of the others is caught       before each must run.
When they left their toys in the yard, my mind went insane. wouldnt your mom beat you? and your dad...teach you a lesson? your sister yell? your brother get stomped on?
He does not sing to me. To air instead he sweetly hums so soft, caressing ears with sounds melodious, that others' heads turn t'ward the lovely music that they hear.
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