Effects of Slavery

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Richard Lee, Robert E Lee’s brother The man who raped his slave His slave, my great great great great grandmother My blood is the blood of the oppressor but also the survivor
Survive. They did. Survive. They did. Alive..because they did not know. They didn’t know..   Survive. They did. Survive. They did. This life, if they knew what would become of us,
Dear the Ears of Humanity, Perhaps in this letter you will read What you choose not to hear. You may have forgotten I am in college wherein January’s Tuesdays and Thursdays
Dear America,  You kidnap me from my home and family in my motherlandYou stuff me under your ships for months and set sail for a New WorldYou ruffle my feathers and force me into your fields You sell me as a slave for way less than my worth You be
The clothes I tied around myself Cling to my body, drenched— But still the evening does not come; The sky seems bloody red.  
You called me beloved Yet you were so irrational Mama you can’t handle it Them dogs who be so watchful Mama why you give yourself up so easily? Can’t you see you getting played So abruptly
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