Move On


It is like having depression When nearly nothing makes you smile And you’ve lost all interest in everything It is like being bipolar One minute you’re happy The next minute you’re on the floor Staining the carpet with your tears It is like an eating disorder And the only thing you can control Is how much you eat So you choose not to eat at all It is like paranoia How you turn to see if the mistakes you made When you were younger and stupid Are following you If karma is sneaking up on you, waiting to pounce It is like schizophrenia So you hear voices telling you that You aren’t good enough And you believe them Because it is your voice It’s none of these things And yet it feels like the mental illness club Ganged up on you and gave you A part of each scary issue you never wanted to have It is an anxiety disorder And for what knowing is worth It’s worth little A title does not give a blank page meaning As a name does not cure the madness Nor does it justify it So what is it to you if you have an anxiety disorder? What do you care? Why does this matter? Can you forget the days you spent Crying in the shower Can you rid yourself of the Soaked handkerchiefs Can you lock away the pain You felt everyday Can you throw away your memories Of pill after pill after pill Can you not think about the Panic attacks that come out of nowhere Maybe Maybe you can push those thoughts To the back of your mind Run from the facts of your life And never slow down as long as you live However long that is But you cannot escape the Worst nights of your life Nor should you want to You say you want to go to sleep and never wake up But that’s not what you want at all You want to go to sleep And wake up to a better day But you know what? You cannot sleep until a better day comes You have to get up and do something You have to try your hardest to fix it It won’t happen today And probably not tomorrow And the days will feel long And they will run together But you cannot let the days end.


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