Monster in my Dreams

the monster in my dreams

who is it who tortures me?

with no answer to my plea 

a silent scream I will release 

because of what I see,

in these grusome scenes

I am wishing they would cease 

or show something else,at least 

 the day was the precous time I leased 

but at night my fear increased

I didn't want to go to sleep 

Didn't want to let go, unlease 

this terrible, savage beast 

but I had no choice, my hope deceased 

with the fear of all these dreams

cause I was tortured in my sleep 

by the monster in my dreams 

who had killed my family

but it's not real I would say 

oh, your family is okay

just wake up and don't you cry 

tears are for those who actually tried 

for those who deserve to break down. but why?

you try to tell an eight year old she's fine 

"oh you don't need to fear the dark"

but she didn't have the heart 

to face the beast quite like a shark

silent stalker who denies demarks 

her eyes had lost their spark 

"cheer up" they would remark 

but she could not forget what she saw 

her fear was like a claw

but her family was her last straw

because loyalty was her fatal flaw

so instead she learned to draw 

or daydream,where she created the law 

all was fair and all was all 

she stared the beast in the jaws

so with courage and prayer her fear thawed 

she spoke. "leave, for I am a child of God"






This poem is about: 



this is my story. when I was six I started having night terrors and

I was forced to watch my family die while they yelled that it was

my fault and I was also hit, kicked ,whipped and cut. finally I stood

up to the scary hooded figure when I was eight but the night terrors 

didn't really stop till I was twelve or fourteen. I still have trust 

issues, I don't like crowds or people I don't know and the list goes on.

but it's getting better. I just have to remember that the only things that

can control me is what I let control me 

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