Mock Not and Talk Not

Mock Not sat with Talk Not
Friends till the end
One had little to say
The other said nothing to offend
Side by side they sat day by day
Talk Not nodded and Mock Not sighed
Content in ideals
United in mind
No argument broke 
No ideas reformed
So Mock Not talk not
Set in their ways
Stoic and stead
They bored creativity to death
Mock Not feared to contradict
Talk Not feared  to propose
Nary moved, not a toe
Pacts sat in their way
Stumbled they along
Nothing to say worth a hoot
Nothing to converse
Both sat along a cold fence
Nary an original thought
Mock Not, Talk Not
Friends til the end
Sitting side by side
Asses grow wide
Chins multiply
Satisfied in their own wisdom
Talk Not and Mock Not till they died


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