One mistake can suffocate

The tears I've wept

the nights I never slept

trying so hard not to be unkept

but all I do is cause a rause

I have this day of dark clouds

Tumultuous days gripping my life

if only I could just wield this knife

ending this horrible life

problem here problem there

look at me, look at me, if you dare

the horrors I've caused leaving nothing but despair

If only death would just come to me,

this pain would cease.

But I'll talke my punishment until I am released

Not today, not tomorrow

I'll wither away in this sweet sorrow

Shattered dreams

With different schemes

Just tried to live my dreams

Fucked up is all I see

ABC 123 ABC 123 

It's just you and me

wishing to just sit among the trees.


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