"Worst place", they saidAs their is not enough bread."It's hell", they yellAs daily, there are hundreds dead  Violence and crimeHave last a lifetime.Corruption and violationHave make suffer this nation . Children born with a gunOr children born because of a gun.Children converted to mothers and fathers Or children sold by their mothers and fathers. What is this place?And what is this race?This country, in this world, has been misplaced.Can't you see the peace that drowns the united states? Can't you see they do not share our horrible traits?There is no blood spilled For only at Honduras people are killed.There is no robbery and no liesFor water, in the perfect land, never dries.There is no crimeFor there is never enough time.They must work, and work to earn each dime What is this place?And what is this race?This country  has been misplaced.To this world, we do not belong For we are the only ones that do wrongAs long as we stay strong,We will continue to play along. What is this place?And what is this race?Honduras, in this world, has been misplacedWe are not a better, but a unique race.Let us leave our trace. 


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