Miracles are Devine

Miracles happen every single day, in every single way. 

I am no stranger to these miracles, that I have received along the way.

I am proud to be strong, passionate, and Pure.

To have endured life's obstacles, from which I have matured.

Each day in my life, I wonder what may come next.

In this worlds inevitable tests, but yet I digress.

Some days I can be unsure, not willing to try or endure.

But then I LOOK to the sky, and know that I will be alright.

God is always here with me, watching as I continue to grow.

For he is t;he devine miracle, that keeps me humbled.

Great things are coming is what my family says, do they know they are the greatest gift within  my embrace?

Throughtout these times has been simply amazing, because no matter the obstacle I always found another way.

I have learned that those I hold dear, only can be half-way there.

I am no longer scared to be who I am, welcoming my truest self out in the open.

I am a free spirit that shines like a diamond, not allowing anyone to stand in my way.

I have loved and I have lost, each with a different cost.

I am grateful to be alive, disease free, and popularized.

Dear lord, our Heavenly Father God, you are my devine miracle, that gives me life.

You keep me safe, no matter the strife.

I know that I am under your shield, as well as, my family and friends.

This is a never ending thank you, that can be said.

Miracles are Devine, I love you Jesus.

Miracles are Devine, you give me a reason.

Miracles are Devine,,  through each and every season.

Miracles are Devine, as I continue to say.

Miracles are Devine, each and every day.

Mracles are Devine, for eternity I shall be sure.

Miracles are Devine, for evermore.

Miracles are Devine, I value your sacrifice.

Miraces are Devine, for it is the reason I am alive.

Miracles are Devine, you died for my sins.

Mirales are Devine, this is a poem of thanks to my savior.

For you are the reason that MIRACLES ARE DEVINE.



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