medusa needs not be re-written

they say that

Medusa was the villain.

wrong and evil,

a force against nature,

and yet all at once a victim

of her own malfeasance.

and yet,

in "re-writing" a myth,

we bring to light

our own mistakes.

as Medusa was


in her own goddess'


and that goddess then


her instead of choosing to


a re-write is not needed to see

that Medusa is the first


Athena chose to stand with

the Criminal

instead of Another Woman;

because the former

seemed easier, and

the Other Gods said to,

and why should A Man

be punished

for falling prey

to A Woman's beauty.

perhaps instead of

re-writing a myth,

we should look at the past

and recognize

that History does indeed

Repeat Itself,

lest we find ourselves

making another Medusa

out of a wronged woman.


This poem is about: 
Our world



I'm glad I'm not the only one trying to change media's image

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