'feminism' 'women' 'men' 'sexual assault'

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P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } (June 2022)   The locked door broken open A knife in the bathroom Blood on bedsheets and towels
Promiscuous girl Or so they thought  She wonders with a giant scarlet letter over her head But she said stop. Her back hit the bed and she was out
If I went back in time To steal his favorite toy The boy Might think I did him wrong Might think What a bitch she is for taking what's mine Find my favorite toy
they say that Medusa was the villain. wrong and evil, a force against nature, and yet all at once a victim of her own malfeasance. and yet, in "re-writing" a myth, we bring to light
From jelly sandals to heels and stilettosFrom giggles to bedroom sounds and echoesI couldn't wait to grow up,but little did I know that this adult world was so fucked up
No.  Repeat it back to me.  No, you say.  The thick blanket of unconsciousness threatens to suffocate me.  My eyes shouldn't close because I am not safe. 
  Clammy palms, Closing throat Why didn’t I know? I saw the clues but I would’ve never imagined this dude Pressing himself onto me like I’m just a hot piece of meat
Women the one screaming Who's the one striking The men or the society What is the anxiety Crying in the corner No one's there with an armor Feeling lonely and isolated Everything is underrated
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