Me Myself and I

The townsfolk think I'm crazy.

The townsfolk think me mad.

Just because I spend some time talking to these lads.


They really are good company,

I like them quite a lot.

I like them for advice they give, their every word and thought.


We meet each day at two o' clock

in the park just 'cross town.

We stand to greet each other, then smile and sit back down.


We talk for hours about philosophy,

mathematics and some psychology.

We talk world problems like we'll be heard,

but people think we're just absurd.


We discuss religion and all of our beleifs.

We talk about our hopes and fears and all of our releifs.


We talk about the future, we talk about the past.

We talk about the present and how the dies are cast


They really are a brilliant pair.

I don't know why they hate us so.

We solve all of their problems, their every single woe.


We all look dashing. We all dress smart.

After all we all must play a part,

in this crazy world we live

all of our talent and wealth to give.


Today as always, I met these lads

the townsfolk still, thinking me mad.

We talked for hours, it was such fun! 

Then the sun was set and the day was done.

I began my long walk home as sighed

at the conversation I had with me, myself, and I.


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