me myself and I

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I am from the neatness    Of clothes tucked away       In folded squares          In chests of drawers             In the cream white room                Where the television
It differs from writing And may cause Eraser biting. You won't ever need gauze. After you use Those beautiful rhyming schemes, You can choose To make people beam Over your next muse.
The townsfolk think I'm crazy. The townsfolk think me mad. Just because I spend some time talking to these lads.   They really are good company, I like them quite a lot.
She was alove, she was free, she could fly over all the seas. She was happy and light as air and loved the air. But then she was captured, she was caged, you could feel all her rage.
Look at me  What do you see? Just a suburb girl with glasses who likes to read? No take a closer look. Even closer than that. I'm more than meets the eye, so take a step back I am strong Proud
By nature I’m human Imperfect and inclined to make blunders All ways in battle Rebellious to the obstacles and opposition Hindering my right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”
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