This is me

This is me,

the girl who covers her face,

and locks her heart with a key.

This is me,

the girl who likes to wear black,

because its her favorite color,

but who lacks to defend herself,

and makes her personality smaller.

This is me,

the girl who is beaten everyday,

becasue she is not like the others,

and her sunny days become gray,

and she is judged by her bothers, sisters, father.

This is me,

the girl who they say will never have a future,

the girl that is weak,

that cuts because there is nothing to suture her pain with,

that is called a freak,

because she likes listening to songs where screams are later heard.

This is me,

the girl who later wants to run away,

from the fear,

and into that clear airway,

where she could finaly be herself.

This used to be me,

the girl who thought of suicide,

and later on,

after being knock out in an alley,

was drawn to the light,

she verbally said out loud,

"I'm done."

And after a few minutes was gone.

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